Saturday, October 31, 2009

Check this out!

The brand new "Speed Lives 3" dvd is out now!

Speed lives 3 teaches "the finish line" which explains every modern neoclassical guitar technique.
This time around it is a 3 camera video shoot and the production in every area is outstanding.

You can grab the speed lives 3 course here. Speed Lives 3


Thank link again : Speed Lives 3

A Question from a reader

Got this from a reader this morning:

Hey Al. Nice write up as always. Good read. Hitting you up with a question if you don't mind....

We have just finished the recording process of our debut CD and we couldn't be more happier with how it's going so far. Next step is the mixing and mastering and we're ready for the release and distribution. We purchased your DVD and learned some very valuable tips from you which we appreciate full-heartedly. One thing we were hoping you could help us with is the manufacturing and packaging of the CD. We want around 100 full length copies complete with CD sleeve and possibly some demo's if we don't decide to burn and create them ourselves. Would you happen to know of a nice reliable, fairly priced company that could help us out with this? We trust your opinion and advice. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time Al


Hey Rick thanks for the kind words and the great question

Congrats on getting your debut cd ready - that's awesome - a huge accomplishment and something that 95% of all bands that ever start never even get to do! So well done bro

Ok so you are looking for a good manufacturer? Gone are the days where it makes sense to get 1000 cds for $999 IMHO - I would def. start with a low physical pressing and if things go well you can always re-press. I would also look at having a digital copy available via I-tunes (I recommend using Tunecore to get your music on I-tunes)

For cd pressings lower than 500 copies - I would suggest using National Media Services:

If you are confident you can do 500+ to start with - which is actually pretty tough in this day and age I would suggest A 2 Z media:

I have used both these companies and can vouch that they will look after you. A 2 z is cheaper per disc but you have to press more - I would def hit both of them up let them know what you want to do and then look at your price quotes before you make a final decision

Let us know how you go in a future email!

Metal Label Secrets

Auditioning new band members

In general most bands come about by a bunch of high school friends getting together and playing , in an organic way if you will, very naturally

However there are some bands who did not know each other, placed ads , connected and who went on to greatness, Kiss and Guns and Roses are 2 that spring to mind.

After you have checked with every friend and every friend of a friend that you know to find that replacement drummer or bassist you pretty much have to resort to the classified ads.

These days Craigslist is pretty much the go to website to run your ads - just make sure you click on the nearest major city or Town that's relevant for you.

Local Lifestyle papers like the Village Voice (for NYC) and the LA weekly (well for LA) have lost a lot cash revenue from their musicians wanted ads and now have free online ad services that are worth checking out too.

When writing your ad make sure you don't just put "drummer wanted" yada yada, use a couple of descriptive words to stand out from all the boring ads - even something like "Lunatic Drummer wanted" would get you better results that just "drummer wanted"

Most people applying to your ad these days want to see a website or check out a previously recorded track before they waste your time (or theirs) which makes alot of sense but it can be tricky if you have significantly changed your sound since the last recording or have never recorded anything before, in that case its best to explain the person asking what you plan to sound like and give them some back ground information about your band or project so they can see where your head is at.

If you do get a bunch of people asking to come down and you do have a rented rehearsal room (ass opposed to your own space) I suggest you book in try outs like this:

Your session is 8pm-10pm. Book your first guy for 8pm, Book your 2nd guy for 9pm , if you get anyone else coming down you book them for 830pm and the next for 930pm, etc etc

If possible get cell phone numbers from people and text them the day before hand. Musicians are a weird breed and I know of countless friends who have even had people call them saying "right I am leaving the house now see you in 1 hour" and just never turn up. Who knows what goes though someones head as they walk into a room full of strangers to audition , you know??

If you do get some one who can barely play - don't have them play for the full 15 or 30 minutes (or whatever time you have until the next guy is meant to come in) play a song or two and then politely tell them you have more guys to see and you will be in touch - if its not going to work out why waste your time or theirs?

If you have someone you are on the fence about - mentally file them in the "call back" file and if no one else is suitable that day give this person a 2nd change and get them back for your next round of auditions, perhaps give them a song or two to learn first - I have seen a lot of kick ass guys go in and fudge stuff on the day (nerves perhaps?) to go on and be a great asset to a band down the track

If you are a musician and you yourself are going for auditions - consider taking singing lessons - if it comes down to you and one other bassist and you can offer backing vocals and he can't who do you think a band is going to want? You of course!

Check out vocal power here Vocal Power - Rock Voice Lessons

Pretty much the best voice lessons on the market today

That link again : Vocal Power - Rock Voice Lessons

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Product Review: Speed Lives by Michael Angelo Batio

Speed lives is the follow-up to speed kills 1, By the world famous Michael Angel Batio voted No. 1 Shredder of All Time" by Guitar One Magazine in 2003

Yea, Speed Kills is a classic instructional video -- speed lives is breaking down "No Boundaries" (one song) into about 27 parts and showing you how to play it, enabling someone to learn all of Michael's techniques in the process of learning this monster guitar solo

Speed Kills and Speed Lives are basically the same, Speed lives is just an updated version, I'm not sure though, i might be wrong. There are a couple mistakes in this video and the levels are messed up but the recent recording of speed lives is virtually flawless If you want to work on a "showpiece", then speed lives is the one for you . With the skills you learn on this dvd you can walk into any band audition and when they ask you to play something you can pull this out of your arsenal of guitar tricks, blow everyone's minds and get the gig

For new guys everywhere , speed lives is the M.A.B. DVD to buy

Buy your copy here: Speed Lives

That link again: Speed Lives

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lamb of God In the Billboard charts

So this week in the US Lamb of God's new album "Wrath" charted at #2 in the Billboard Charts.

Great for them and great for exposing heavy music to more of the mainstream crowd.

To get to #2 in the Bilboard charts in Feb. of 2009 the band sold 68,000 copies in one week.

I have to say any hard rock or metal band in the 1970's who went to #2 in the charts would have have probably sold about 2,000,000 copies or so

So cd and lps sales are a fraction of of what they were 30 years ago.

So what does that mean to you? Does it mean shouldn't bother trying to do anything more with your band then a simple hobby for ya?

Nah I don't think so .....Every day now there are new bands getting signed to record labels, writing and recording albums and getting to tour the world - if its in your blood then you have to DO IT.

If these guys can do it so can YOU

In fact Lamb of God started off as a bunch of buddies at College jamming in their dorm room.

When they first started they had no idea that they would be headlining stadiums and have Top 10 hit albums. In fact one of their first Independent label bosses - told them they would be huge they didn't believe him! They couldn't even see how they would make one dime playing music.

So whats the bottom line here?

The bottom line is if ya want to play and make music just get on with it and make a start.

The rest will fall into place in due course!

If you haven't already, pick up a copy of my 2 dvd course Metal Label Secrets today

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Saturday, July 11, 2009